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DJ Shark Attack || Pearls of Wisdom

Happy Wisdom Wednesday!! Once a week we get to showcase some of our favorite vendor friends and talk about who they are, what they do, and give their personal advice for couples on planning their best day ever! This week's Pearl of Wisdom comes from Daniel Moore, the owner of DJ Shark Attack.

-A Note from Ashley -

I can't lie, when I first heard of a DJ who called himself "Shark Attack" I giggled and knew that was someone I needed to know and work with. Over the years, working with Dan and has team of talented DJ's has brought ALL the fun, laughs, and memorable dance floors. It's no secret that Team Delight loves the dance floor & you might see us out there busting a move or two, especially when DJ Shark Attack is there! What makes them so special is not the way they mix or how talented they are at song selection (which, they are so good at reading a crowd and knowing what's going to hit), it's the way that they handle our mutual clients and the level of service that they provide. Their heart to serve aligns so well with our mission to create fun and stress free weddings through excellent service and experience and we always look forward to hanging out with them any chance we get!

Daniel Moore, the owner of DJ Shark Attack, has always had a passion for people. He’s surrounded himself with a wonderful wife and two daughters and they spend their time together having as much fun as possible. If you’ve been looking for the best guy in town to grab a drink with, look no further.

Photo by Morgan Lee Photography

Dan started DJ Shark Attack after a party on East Campus more than ten years ago and has stuck with it ever since. A friend was DJing a party and thought he should give it a try. Because it was Shark Week, he picked the name on a whim and never looked back.

Photo by Morgan Lee Photography

DJ Shark Attack is a team of 8 DJs, Dan, and a few more behind-the-scenes team members. Together, they give you everything you could possibly ask for (or forget to ask for) from a DJ. The team emcees and provides equipment like dance floor lights, microphones, and subwoofers that let your party go on as long as you want it to.

Dan’s team has one goal: make your day fun. They minimize your stress and can even curate a playlist for you so there’s one less thing to worry about. From your big entrance to your walk-off song, you can trust them to have the party covered. Don’t be afraid to send in a list of do and don’t plays or request entire genres. Once you pick the right vibe, it’s all smooth sailing.

Photo by Morgan Lee Photography

The key to a great wedding with DJ Shark Attack is important: “people want to be where the bride and groom are at.” Take time to have fun and your guests will follow suit. Laugh and dance and have an all-around good time on the dance floor. Of course, you should take the chance to talk to your guests, but you should also be making lasting memories of your special day.

You can find DJ Shark Attack on Instagram, Facebook, or their website.

Join us this Friday 3/17 at 10:00 AM CST for a live stream on the Delight Instagram with Dan and our owner Ashley!

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