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Pearl of Wisdom: Cindy Scott Artistry

It’s Tuesday (once again), and that means we get to showcase another one of our favorite vendor friends. This week, we are going to be talking all things Cindy Scott Artistry!

If you haven’t been following our Pearls of Wisdom series, let us catch you up! Twice a week, we showcase, on our social media and blog, some of our favorite vendor friends. We talk about who they are, what they do, and how you can get in contact with them. They also graciously shared their own personal advice for brides regarding the wedding industry and how to better plan your big day!

Weddings are a day you want to remember forever! Most people would consider a digital form of documenting the day like photography or videography, but have you heard about the latest wedding trend? Live painting! It’s a beautiful, tangible piece of your wedding that will last just as long as a digital rendering.

A favorite of ours when it comes to live painting is our friend Cindy Scott, owner and painter at Cindy Scott Artistry. Cindy is a live painter for weddings and events and is trusted to paint one of the most cherished moments of your big day. Whether she paints your first dance, entrance into the reception, or cutting the cake, Cindy will make it beautiful!

Cindy’s wedding painting process is pretty interesting and very detailed! Upon arriving to the venue, she scouts for major architectural features and begins painting with a specific color palette. She starts in on the lighting, table linens, and specific guests as they enter in. She, then, moves into the couple and the focuses on the moment they requested to be painted. She photographs their movements and gestures, then heads back into the painting to really focus on the couple! Once the magic is finished, she positions it for all to see.

When we asked Cindy for her Pearl of Wisdom, she said,

“IT GOES SO FAST for the couple! One thing I’ve seen a few times and is super awkward for everyone… a major pause in the celebration. The music has stopped for some reason, someone is taking longer to get to the microphone to make their speech, or the cake has been cut and nobody knows what comes next or when that is supposed to start and you feel the guests looking at each other and the couple not sure what to do with themselves, stuff like that. The guests have witnessed the vows, had a cocktail or two and are ready to relax and celebrate the newlyweds, and awkward pregnant pauses like this can kill the vibe and the flow. Something worth noting, I’ve never seen this happen when there is a professional planner in place. And a little nugget to go along with this, the guests get antsy and awkward when the song for the first dance is played in its entirety. It seems like people are willing to sit for close to a couple of minutes, and they are ready to get back to the party, pack the dance floor, etc.” – Cindy Scott of Cindy Scott Artistry

Saying that, Cindy hints that having a wedding planner can really ensure that those awkward moments in your party will be eliminated! After the ceremony and a few cocktails, everyone is ready to party! Don’t kill the flow with an awkward pause. This will also help the couple to really cherish the day and not focus on all the nitty gritty details.

If you’re interested in having a live painter at your wedding or event, go check out Cindy Scott and see if that’s maybe something you want to incorporate into your big day! I had Cindy paint my wedding a few years back and Scott and I love the painting! It hangs up in our house and is such a statement piece when guests come over. Plus, it reminds us of an awesome night where we married our best friend! I couldn’t recommend enough!

To see some of Cindy work, scroll through her Instagram! If you like what you see and want to book her, head on over to her website and seal the deal!

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