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Pearls of Wisdom || Cindy Scott Artistry

It's Pearls of Wisdom Wednesday! Once a week we get to showcase some of our favorite vendor friends and talk about who they are, what they do, and give their personal advice for couples on planning their best day ever!

- A Note from Ashley -

If you're lucky enough to know Cindy Scott, you know that she is simply THE BEST. Not only is she insanely talented and artistic, she is truly one of the nicest people you will ever meet! I will never forget the first time I met her at my own wedding! She was commissioned to do one of her first EVER live paintings at my New Year's Eve wedding and I was surprised with that awesome gift. It is still one of my favorite things from my wedding and is still something people talk about 7 years later! It now proudly hangs in my office where I get to look at her beautiful art every single day! Lucky me! Now, I cherish her friendship and love seeing her at weddings, events, and especially running into her "in the wild" on a coffee date or out for dinner. She is seriously such a gem and I love sharing her with our DE clients! xo

Photo by Schaefer Photography

When Cindy Scott was hired a few years ago to live paint a luncheon for a longtime client, her first thought was: there’s no way that's possible. And now in 2023, she can’t see another path.

Cindy is an amazing wife and stepmother of three and has seemingly spent her whole life leading up to this opportunity. With her family, she’s learned how to be trusting, accepting and how to surrender her love completely. All of this gives her the appreciation for weddings she has today and allows her to create such beautiful representations of love.

Photo from a real DE wedding - Nicole & John Walker | February 2021 - Photo by Lighter Focus Photography

In the past, Cindy worked as an art teacher and completed commissions. It's this experience, as an art teacher, that she says has prepared her best for her role as a live painter. She’d grown up surrounded by art, being from a family of creatives, but learning to think and paint quickly on her feet in a classroom of young children gave her the ability to handle the stressful circumstances of wedding painting.

Live painting is a brand-new service for couples. Having an artist at your wedding brings that element of novelty and excitement your guests will NOT be expecting. More than that, you can memorialize your special day with such a special touch. Couples can ask for elements to be incorporated into the painting to make the piece more you. This includes everything from pets to sports teams, and is a great way to surprise your new spouse.

Photo from a real DE wedding - Kelsey & Eric Clark | January 2022 - Photo by Catherine Rhodes Photography

To anyone who just got engaged, Cindy recommends booking a live painting without your fiancé's knowledge. This is a treat they might not consider but will somehow make the day even more special! On top of an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, you get a permanent keepsake of a beautiful moment as you begin your journey together as husband and wife. A lot of couples choose their first dance as the subject of a painting, but any special time from the day can be used. Your live painting will not only provide a stunning memento, but also fun entertainment for everyone at the event!

Other than booking a live painter, Cindy's number one Pearl of Wisdom is simple: “trust the pros!”

Wedding planning can be so stressful, and there is no way a couple can cook, host, bake, plan, coordinate, or do any of the other crazy things that go into throwing a wedding without some help. Vendors are here to make your day easier and to allow your event to run smoothly. Trusting them to do their jobs allows you to have fun and make memories, not run around worrying. As easy as it is to fall into a state of stress trying to oversee everything, your day will be better when you trust your planner, caterer, live painter, or anyone else you’ve hired to do what they do best!

Photo from a real DE wedding - Kelsey & Eric Clark | January 2022 - Photo by Catherine Rhodes Photography

You can find Cindy at @cindyscottartistry on both Instagram and Facebook or via her website,

Make sure to join us LIVE on both Facebook and Instagram on Friday at 10:00 AM to hear more from our owner, Ashley, and Cindy Scott!


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