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Pearls of Wisdom || A-1 Party & Event Rental

Happy Wisdom Wednesday!! Once a week we get to showcase some of our favorite vendor friends and talk about who they are, what they do, and give their personal advice for couples on planning their best day ever! This week's Pearl of Wisdom comes from Elizabeth Hensley from A1 Party & Event Rentals.

- A Note From Ashley -

If you have walked into A1 anytime in the last 10+ years, you've been greeted with a big ole smile and a friendly "Hi there!" from Liz. She is an expert in so many areas of event rentals and has such an awesome heart to serve our mutual clients and help them have the best day ever. That's why A1 is such a strong partner of ours and why we work with them event after event. They're dependable, communicative, and friendly and we value those things big time! We are so blessed to have this long standing event business in our community!

A-1 Party and Event Rental’s Elizabeth has been with the company for nearly thirteen years. Right now, she’s co-manager, but outside of her job, she’s a loving wife and a mom to a sweet nine-year-old girl. Together, they can’t get enough of the great outdoors--travel, mountain biking, hiking, you name it, they do it.

Elizabeth started at A-1 in 2010, as a part-time employee at first. She worked primarily in the linen department in the beginning. As she grew to love her job and the work she was doing, she started taking on more and more responsibility, eventually taking over the linen department. Things progressed, and flash forward to today--she co-manages the entire business.

Even before working at A-1, Elizabeth has always loved the wedding business. As a teenager, she and her best friend had big plans to work together as wedding planners, which was only emphasized by the movie The Wedding Planner. Although she says this was only a childhood dream, to us it makes perfect sense that she ended up in the business. She’s got a great eye for making things beautiful.

A-1 Rentals has an incredible staff of rental professionals, all of whom have the inventory knowledge to set you up with your perfect vision. They also have incredible attention to detail, going the extra mile to make sure that nothing at your wedding is short of perfection. A-1 is a full service tent company, has a massive collection of tables and chairs, and even processes its own linens. That’s the level of care they take.

The inventory A-1 offers is incredible. They have a showroom, filled to the brim with inspiration and even a design studio, perfect for playing around until you find your dream look. A-1 stocks everything from the trendy pieces you were obsessed with on Tik Tok to the classic looks that will go alongside them perfectly.

As soon as you know you’ll be renting pieces, get your reservation process started. Especially for weddings in the busy season (May to October), inventory can get booked quickly. Figure out your style with the help of the design studio and book your items as soon as possible so they’re delivered smoothly.

Even though it’s great to take the advice of your friends, family, and even the wedding influencers you followed the second you got engaged, try not to give into peer pressure. This is a day all about you and the love of your life, so the design should reflect that. Never sacrifice your vision for someone else’s. Incorporate your favorite colors, metals, and design elements. And grooms: don’t be afraid to speak up! Your future spouse wants to hear your opinions, and lending a helping hand with the planning or logistics is the best thing you can do.

Elizabeth’s advice is so important and goes further than just the big day: “Your wedding is just one day, but your marriage is a lifetime”. When the planning gets too stressful, take time with your partner to really work on strengthening that relationship. Your love has brought you together, and you should be cherishing every moment you have. Spend your engagement dancing in the kitchen and splitting desserts, rather than freaking out about a specific shade of white for your napkins.

You can find A-1 Party & Event Rental on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest or on their website.

Tune in this Friday at 10 AM CST to our Instagram Live as Elizabeth and Ashley chat about all things weddings and events.

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