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Pearls of Wisdom || The January Lanterns

Happy Wisdom Wednesday!! Once a week we get to showcase some of our favorite vendor friends and talk about who they are, what they do, and give their personal advice for couples on planning their best day ever! This week's Pearl of Wisdom comes from Kristen and Andrew Camp of The January Lanterns.

- A Note From Ashley -

I have known these two for 12 years now and actually had the privilege of standing next to (and sometimes in between) them on stage where we got to sing together and create some sick harmonies. I don't even know how many hours we've spent rehearsing and performing music together over the years or how many holidays we've spent together. I've sang with Kristen through each of her pregnancies and through all of Andrew's phases of facial hair and/or hair on his head. So, it's a true privilege to be able to work in the same industry with them again and to get to hear their beautiful music at so many client events. Although I'm still waiting on my invite to sing background vocals at just ONE show... it's the best day ever when The Jan Lan's are around. :) Kristen and Andrew have such a wonderful ability to evoke raw emotion through their music and it's evident how much they love celebrating others happiness through their music. I absolutely love these two and I know you will as well! :) xo

If your music taste falls somewhere at the intersection of Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, and The Paper Kites, look no further than The January Lanterns. Andrew and Kristen are a duo in every sense--business, music, and life. The married couple started their pop-folk band in 2017 when they started writing music together as a way to strengthen their marriage during a hard time. What started as a small side hustle and therapeutic release grows every day, just like their love for one another.

Andrew and Kristen met in choir class in high school and their shared love of music brought them together and gave them a new outlook when they needed it. They first started singing together in college at friends’ weddings. Eventually, that grew to a business where they are able to provide music all across Mid-Missouri at weddings and receptions.

The duo offers everything: ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception music. After more than a decade of experience performing at weddings, they have seen and done a little bit of everything. They know how difficult it is to curate the right music on your wedding day and work hard to help couples navigate what can be a tedious process.

Even though Andrew and Kristen will help you figure out a set list, make sure you’re trusting your gut. Of course, no one knows your wedding as well as you do, but more importantly, no one knows your love story like you. If you and your fiancé have special songs or artists, never be afraid to request them.

At the beginning of your wedding planning period, sit down with your fiancé and build a playlist of all your favorite songs together. Make it a karaoke night or dance party in your living room and pick out any music that has meaning to you as a couple, or just your favorite song to dance to. Throughout your engagement, listen to it when doing any planning, long drives or just hanging out. When the big day comes, not only will you have figured out your perfect song line-up, but you will have built a connection to the music that will last forever.

Once your music is figured out, Andrew and Kristen keep their advice simple:

“take a deep breath”. It’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed, so it’s important to take the time to think and decompress. Get in contact with your vendors for any reassurance or confirmation as needed, but remember that they know what they’re doing. Don’t forget to step back and smell the roses (or listen to the music).

You can find The January Lanterns on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and their website. Their music is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Make sure to join the Instagram LIVE on Friday at 10:00 AM where they will join our owner, Ashley, and talk all things weddings, music, and who knows what... :)

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