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Pearls of Wisdom | Introduction

As much as we all wish they were, weddings are not just about love. They’re huge events filled with months of planning, tons of hands and potentially lots of stress. But no need to worry--we’ve cracked the code! Missouri is filled to the brim with talented and successful vendors, providing everything from custom cocktails to live paintings (and of course, planning).

Here at Delight, we have been lucky enough to get to know a ton of these amazing local vendors and collaborate with them for years. Together, we’ve been working on a special project to help local couples through what could be (but doesn’t have to be) a stressful time.

This spring, we’ll be launching a new initiative on our blog and social media to hopefully guide you on the path to marriage. Pearls of Wisdom, as we’re calling it, will give you the direct line to advice from some of the top local vendors we love.

Pearls of Wisdom was our brain project a few years back, so you may have heard from some of these amazing people before. However, in the world of post-pandemic weddings, everything looks a little different, so it only makes sense that their advice will be too. The last three years have changed everything for the industry and we’ve luckily managed to come out stronger on the other side.

But in this new world, couples need more guidance than ever. Everything from the planning process to the event itself has changed, so this is not your mother’s wedding industry anymore. Parties are bigger and better than ever before and it only makes sense to have as much help as you can get.

Stay on the lookout for our first blog post of the series next week. We’ll be featuring Cindy Scott Artistry, a local live painter and a close friend of all of ours. Be sure to check our Instagram weekly to see whose pearl is next!

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