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Pearls of Wisdom || Schaefer Photography

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesday! Once a week we get to showcase some of our favorite vendor friends and talk about who they are, what they do, and give their personal advice for couples on planning their best day ever!

This weeks Pearl of Wisdom comes from the incredibly talented Scott and Shannon from Schaefer Photography!

- A Note from Ashley -

For years I had hoped and prayed to work with Scott and Shannon but just hadn't had the opportunity to. So, last fall I took a leap of faith and asked Shannon if they would consider partnering with me on a very specific vision I had for a styled shoot... and they (thankfully) said yes! Styled Shoots are always so fun to get to stretch our creative boundaries that we find ourselves in for client events, but this styled shoot was my absolute favorite because of the friendship and great partnership that was formed between Scott, Shannon, and I. They are two of the most creative, out of the box photographers that I've had a pleasure to work with and I swear everything they touch goes to gold (Scott has awards to prove it)! I'm so lucky to have friends like them and to be able to work alongside them for client events and our future creative endeavors... because yes, we're crazy and are already planning our next big things together! Hope you all love learning about them as much as I do!

Scott and Shannon Schaefer got engaged in 2015 and the rest is history. Between their love for each other and their love for photography, there really is no one better suited to capture your special moments. They’ve spent their years together building a beautiful family: Lillian, Teller, and the sweetest dog, Liza Jane and soaking up as much music as possible.

The Schaefer’s aren’t just a great couple, though. They’re also an amazing team! Scott started out at KOMU 8 News and then Veteran’s United after graduating from Mizzou’s Broadcast Journalism program. Shannon has a background in finance and studied photography while a student at Murray State before working at Veteran’s United. Their mutual love and skills in the arts brought them together, and are also what’s made them so successful.

Schaefer Photography really tackles anything you throw their way. Scott and Shannon do everything from maternity and corporate photography to weddings and concerts! No idea is too big, you just have to ask! What makes them so special is their passion. Schaefer Photography stands out because they’re a family, and once you meet them, you’ll feel like family too. They’re always working to be and do better, so you can count on Scott and Shannon for the best pictures possible.

We know firsthand how awkward it can be having your picture taken. That’s why the Schaefer’s do everything in their power to make you comfortable. Never be afraid to speak up. Not only are your photographs an investment, but they’re something you’ll hold on to forever, so Scott and Shannon want to make sure that you love how you look and feel.

If you’re still feeling nervous, don’t be afraid to meet with photographers before your wedding! Choose someone you not only trust, but also wouldn't mind having around. Your photographer is one of the people you’ll see the most on your big day, and if you don’t get along, you’ll be putting extra stress on yourself that you don’t need!

Scott and Shannon’s Pearl of Wisdom is something we can’t stress enough:

“try not to sweat the little things.” Hiring a planner and delegating tasks on the big day can be a huge part of this! Handle the big stuff, like saying “I do,” and leave things like table linens and lighting to your friends, family and the pros. Even if things don’t go 100% according to the plan (they never do), you’ll still have the wedding of your dreams.

You can find Scott and Shannon Schaefer on Instagram and Facebook at SchaeferPix, or at their website.

Make sure to join us LIVE on Instagram on Friday at 10:00 AM to hear more from our owner, Ashley, and The Schaefers!

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