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10 Signs You Might Need An Event Planner!

Everyone gets so excited at the idea of planning an event. It all seems like fun and games, rainbows and unicorns, and OH SO SIMPLE… until it’s not! Balancing all of your priorities while planning a soiree is not as simple as you might think and may have you pulling your hair out by the time your event rolls around… IF it ever rolls around! Today, we’re giving you 10 Signs You Might Need An Event Planner for your next celebration!

#1: You have a full-time job…

You should be spending your time in your genius, performing at your highest and best use, not planning a party. Event planning is MY full time job. So, why should it be yours when you already have one? Outsourcing the planning for your event will give you the time, energy, and freedom you deserve after working so hard.

#2: You don’t have time to research or visit venues…

Finding the perfect location is possibly the MOST important detail of an event. Believe me, you don’t want to be stuck in the cleaning closet of a Chuck E. Cheese when you were hoping for the Ritz Carlton. The right planner won’t leave you in the dark and will help you choose the perfect location for your event.

#3: You don’t have time to contact or coordinate with vendors…

Your caterer described the main course as, “Pâté of roasted indigenous legumes, paired with a compote of seasonal berries, served on hearty sprouted wheat bread”. What your guests were served? Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches. Just like choosing a venue, choosing the right trusted vendors will save you from a PBJ embarrassment and set you up for rave reviews.

#4: You just don’t have time. Period.

If you find yourself constantly rescheduling appointments, running late, or skimping on what you think are “little details”… it’s time to get an event planner. You don’t want to get into a situation where you have to choose from the best of the worst options. Using an event planner will take the stress out of juggling all the responsibility and keep you on schedule.

#5: You’ve never planned an event before…

No shame here, at all! Maybe you’ve planned a large dinner party for 10 or you’ve hosted a celebration in your home. Planning a large event with many moving parts is a different beast to tackle! It can be all consuming and you may get super overwhelmed quickly. Having the guidance of a professional will give you the peace of mind that everything will go as planned and you can enjoy and celebrate!

#6: You REALLY need this event to work…

Maybe this event is the key to launching a new business or attracting new clients. Becoming a DIY Party Planner and risking a total failure of an event could tarnish your brand. Or even worse, it could totally tank your business! If you want to have a successful event, you need a professional in your corner to ensure that every detail is on point.

#7: You lose track of important details…

Spreadsheets not your thing? Keeping track of invites, RSVP’s, who is to be seated where, who has what food allergy, and who needs to be contacted again is a lot to handle. An organized event planner will handle all of those small, but important, details so you don’t have to.

#8: Your Spouse/Friends/Boss are getting mad at you for constantly scrolling on your phone…

I know it’s tempting to be on Pinterest 24/7 and it’s oh so fun to immerse yourself in all of the decorating ideas out there, but take it from us… 90% of those are done by professionals for people like you who have hired them to do it. A great event planner will come to you with design boards based on your vision and requests so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling the internet and figuring out how to implement 100 centerpieces crafted from gold spray painted spoons…

#9: “What’s a budget?!”

Maybe your expectations are a little high and unrealistic. Maybe your budget is too low. The benefit of working with an event planner is their expertise AND their network of trusted vendors. This ensures that they can stay within your guidelines and help you make adjustments if necessary.

#10: You’re going bald and/or have no fingernails left…

This is a big one, folks! It’s time to hang up the Event Planning if you’re losing your hair and/or your fingernails. Event Planning is A LOT to handle with so many moving parts but there’s a reason why there are crazy people like us, who LOVE doing it and have made it our profession. If you want to breathe again and relieve the stress of doing double duty between your normal every day life and your event, look no further.

You don’t have to have a giant, expensive event to have an event planner’s help. There are plenty of planners out there for everyone!

For the ultimate stress-free and once-in-a-lifetime experience, allow our team’s knowledge and expertise to take your wishes and seamlessly perform event magic.

Enjoy the experience and leave the countless hours of organizing every important detail to us. Our team will produce a masterpiece everyone will rave about for decades.

You deserve to not be stressed and to have fun at your event. You deserve to enjoy a day of celebrating and the days leading up to it. You DESERVE an event planner!

To start planning your event today, CONTACT US HERE, and schedule a time for a free consultation!

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