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3 Reasons Why a Custom Proposal is a Must!

Did you know that Christmas Day is the most popular day to get engaged, with 7 out of the top 10 most popular days to get engaged take place in December?! ⁣ How about this… Did you know that 64% of people share their engagement on social media within a few hours?! Or did you know that 31% of proposals happen at home?! Or that 26% invite friends and family to witness the proposal?!

It’s easy to plan a proposal, right?!

Just remember to have a photographer, make your proposal super over the top but not TOO over the top, have all of your soon to be partner’s friends and family there and don’t leave anyone off the guest list… OH! And, make sure that you don’t forget ANYTHING that you’re supposed to say or the ring… that’s an important detail.

Right about now, I’m feeling pretty lucky that I got proposed TO and I didn’t have to do the proposing!

That can be A LOT on top of asking the love of your life to spend the rest of their life with you… I mean… no pressure or anything!

Today, I’m giving you 3 Reasons Why a Custom Proposal should be a MUST for anyone getting engaged this year… and trust me, it’ll make you breathe a sigh of relief!

#1: This is a Top 3 Moment

Buckle up Buttercup, because this is just one of the most memorable moments that you and your partner will share together! Next to your wedding day and the birth of your future kids, getting engaged is a big deal. So much time and money is spent on an engagement ring and yet little time is spent actually planning the best proposal possible. 80% of women are disappointed in how they were proposed to! Creating a well thought out, memorable proposal will always be a reminder of why she said YES!

#2: Jumbled Ideas vs. Masterpiece

You may have spent thousands on the ring your partner has always dreamed of… Your special someone (and their ring) deserve more than a cliche or jumbled idea. Your proposal story will be told time and time again and you want your fiancee to tell it with excitement, not embarrassment! Having a planner to help you smooth out your ideas and make it into a cohesive plan pretty much guarantees they’ll brag about your amazing marriage proposal rather than shying away from telling the story.

#3: It’s All About Them

One of the most common mistakes people make when proposing to their special someone is they make it all about themselves versus their partner. A proposal should tell a story of your lives TOGETHER. We start our process by getting to know your personalities, special memories, favorite things, etc. then craft an idea just for you. Your proposal will tell your unique love story and you can find comfort knowing it’s romantic, thoughtful, and completely custom tailored to you.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate proposal or a grand gesture to show how much you love them, we cater proposal ideas to YOUR relationship. When your future fiancee walks into that perfect proposal, they’ll know every little detail was created just for them.

At Delight, we take your ideas, put our spin on it and from there you can decide whether you want us to plan the proposal for you or if you want to handle the planning yourself.

Show your partner that you know them better than anyone else and you planned this moment especially with them in mind!

Contact us to start planning your proposal… There’s only 50 days until Christmas! | 573-673-9671

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