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Pearl of Wisdom: Amelia Holder of Emerson Fields Venue

It’s Tuesday (once again), and that means we get to showcase another one of our favorite vendor friends. This week, we are going to be talking all things Emerson Fields!

If you haven’t been following our Pearls of Wisdom series, let us catch you up! Twice a week, we showcase, on our social media and blog, some of our favorite vendor friends. We talk about who they are, what they do, and how you can get in contact with them. They also graciously shared their own personal advice for brides regarding the wedding industry and how to better plan your big day!

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that finding the perfect venue is a very special thing. It’s almost like a missing puzzle piece in your big wedding scramble of a puzzle. Once you lock in WHERE you want to get married, it really helps everything else fall into place.

One of our favorite venues in Mid-Missouri is Emerson Fields Venue. Emerson Fields is located off Highway 63 and is only about 50 minutes from Columbia. The amazing venue was created by Steve and Amelia Holder. The Holders have worked in the wedding industry for over 20 years and wanted to create a beautiful and timeless venue that will house years of memories for couples.

While they not only built Emerson Fields, they have many other talents as well. Amelia was previously a wedding photographer for several years and Steve works at his other business, Holder Construction, where he works constantly with design and construction.

When we asked Amelia for her Pearl of Wisdom, she said,

“If your photographer wants to pull you away for 10-15 minutes near the time of sunset… JUST DO IT. You will never regret having a moment of peace and quiet, some fresh air to soak in your new marital status and GORGEOUS PHOTOS. In fact, it’s very likely these portraits will be some of your very favorites.When I was photographing weddings, I would tell couples all the time that they “look” different after they’re married, and they’ve had a few moments for that to soak in. It’s so true. You’ll be more relaxed, happy, and into one another after the formality of the day is behind you. Google “what time does the sun set on (your wedding day)” and plan to have a short window of time to sneak away about 30-40 minutes before. Talk with your photographer about your timeline and how you can make these photos happen.” – Amelia Holder, Owner of Emerson Fields Venue

Saying that, set aside time for special moments on your big day! These perfect photo opportunities will become some of the most cherished from your wedding and a gorgeous venue only contributes to that. If you’re currently looking for an amazing wedding venue and haven’t found the perfect fit, definitely be sure to check out Emerson Fields Venue and tell them Delight Events sent you!

To see some of some shots of the property, previous weddings that were held at Emerson Fields, or even to get to know Amelia and Steve a bit better, scroll through their stunning Instagram page. If you like what you see and what to book them, head on over to their website and get it finalized! You may have found your missing piece of your wedding day puzzle!

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