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Pearl of Wisdom: Chrystal Graves of Chrystal L. Hair and Makeup

It’s Tuesday (once again), and that means we get to showcase another one of our favorite vendor friends. This week, we are going to be talking all things Chrystal L. Hair and Makeup!

If you haven’t been following our Pearls of Wisdom series, let us catch you up! Twice a week, we showcase, on our social media and blog, some of our favorite vendor friends. We talk about who they are, what they do, and how you can get in contact with them. They also graciously shared their own personal advice for brides regarding the wedding industry and how to better plan your big day!

Hair and makeup can transform a bride into feeling her ABSOLUTE best for her wedding day! These final touches really pull the look together and help the bride channel her inner princess. This is the moment that things start to feel real and you realize, I’M GETTING MARRIED!

One of our favorite hair and makeup artists in Mid-Missouri is Chrystal over at Chrystal L. Hair and Makeup! Chrystal started up her salon in 2014 after a two year beauty apprenticeship.

She has easily become one of the most well known stylists in Mid-Missouri because of her exposure and experience with all hair and skin types. Chrystal’s salon also only uses products that are all vegan, sulfate free, salt free, gluten free, paraben free, phthalate free, PABA free, carcinogen free, MEA and DEA free and recycle their packaging whenever possible.

While Chrystal is not cutting hair and applying eyeshadow to clients, she is a GIRL BOSS in the rest of her life as well. She is the founder of the All Hair Academy that focuses on education for all hair types. She founded and works on the board for The Bold Academy, a non-profit that specializes in helping young Black and Brown girls get experience in enrichment and leadership opportunities. She is also a brand representative for ELEVEN Australia, a lifestyle brand that takes a fresh approach on hair and body care. NOT TO MENTION, Chrystal mothers three beautiful children and is an amazing wife to her husband.

When we asked Chrystal for her Pearl of Wisdom, she said,

“I have had the pleasure of being a part of over 100 weddings in the last seven years in the bridal business and I give every bride the same advice during their trial of hair & makeup. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Besides, there are only three other people that matter on your special day. Your future husband, your officiant and me, who will be there to pamper you and to make you look and feel beautiful.” – Chrystal Graves

Saying that, take some time on your big day to relax! Hiring a wedding planner can take a lot of stress and anxiety off your shoulders (Wink, wink!). But, also know that your vendors have your back! We are here to help you. You and your new husband are all that matter on that day!

If you’re currently looking for an amazing hair and/or makeup artist and haven’t found the perfect fit, definitely be sure to check out Chrystal L. Hair and Makeup and tell them Delight Events sent you!

To see some of Chrystal’s work, keep up with her Girl Boss life on the daily, or just see a beautiful face on your feed (Her smile is KILLER), scroll through her Instagram page! If you like what you see and want to book her, head on over to her website and book an appointment!

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