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Pearl of Wisdom: Matt and Anne from Oak and Embers Photography

Another Saturday, another Pearls of Wisdom shout out!

Twice a week, we will be introducing some of our favorite pro’s from the wedding industry and sharing their own piece of personal advice, or pearl of wisdom, for fellow brides. Their advice will either be directly regarding a bride’s big day or a tip that is helpful that they have learned along the way!

Picking vendors can be a challenge, but one that should be a priority from the get go is your photographer and possible videographer! One of our favorite photographers to work with and recommend to clients are our friends Matt and Anne from Oak and Embers Photography! We recently got to know this duo and are continuing to work with them… we are LOVING it! So, in that case, we knew we had to reach out and ask them for their Pearl of Wisdom!

Anne originally started her business solo as Images by Annie, but after marrying her husband Matt four years ago, he got really into videography and they became a duo photography & videography business! Thus, Oak and Embers was born. Matt and Anne live out in Jamestown, MO on a little farm with a bunch of animals. They love adventuring, kayaking, and camping… BIG outdoorsy people! This really transfers to their photography magic when it comes to shooting with their clients out in nature 24/7!

We asked Anne what she had to say about the wedding industry and if she had any advice for brides regarding their big day, she said,

“My biggest regret when planning our own wedding was not hiring a videographer! I love the photographs from our wedding, but there’s something about a wedding video that can tell a story in a way that makes you feel like you’re there on that day again.Don’t be surprised or upset if everything doesn’t go according to plan! There are a LOT of things that happen on a wedding day, and occasionally, something will get forgotten or fall through the cracks. If something goes wrong and is outside of your control, you might as well just laugh it off and not let it bother you! Why get upset on your wedding day over something you can’t fix or change? I guarantee you, you will laugh about this moment in the future when you look back on your wedding day! Pick out a dress you love, but don’t be afraid to get it a little dirty. Some of the best photographs happen when you’re outside twirling around, or letting your dress drag behind you. Have fun and enjoy your day! There will always be a dry cleaner able to clean the dirt out of your dress.” – Anne, Photographer at Oak and Embers

Anne brought up some great points! If you have read through some of our previous blog posts, you will know that I PREACH about not letting the little details get in the way of the big picture aka YOU GETTING MARRIED!! But going back to Anne’s Pearl, yes! Hire a videographer if you can! Having a video version of your wedding speaks so many more volumes than still photographs and is great to look back on.

To see some of Anne’s stunning photography or her husband, Matt’s, videography, be sure to check out their Instagram and website! We love the duo over at Oak and Embers and can’t wait to work with them again. Who knows… it may be for your wedding?

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