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Pearl of Wisdom: Rachel Flynn of Betz Jewelers

It’s our favorite day of the week and that means it’s time to highlight another one of our vendor FAV’s for brides to discover and hear their advice!

If you haven’t been following our Pearls of Wisdom series, let us introduce you! Twice a week, we showcase on our social media and blog, some of our favorite vendor friends. We talk about who they are, what they do, and how you can get in contact with them. They also graciously shared their own personal advice for brides regarding the wedding industry and how to better plan your big day!

A ring is the first big symbol that represents you are engaged and are on your way to finally marrying that perfect person for you! A ring should also represent your style and the relationship between you both as a couple. No matter your budget or situation, a ring is always special and really solidifies the commitment you are about to make! One of our favorite jewelers to go to when it’s time to pick a ring is Betz Jewelers in downtown Columbia, Missouri.

Photos from Betz Jeweler’s Instagram

Betz Jewelers is a family owned jewelry store in the heart of Columbia. Originally started by Glenn Betz, after completing a craftsmen apprenticeship and becoming a jewelry designer in St. Louis in 1945. Today, the Betz family still runs Glenn’s business and the team consists of Glenn’s sons and other loyal team members that make Betz run smoothly!

We reached out to Rachel Flynn, Marketing Director of Betz Jewelers and creator of “Rachel’s Pick of the Week” over on their Instagram feed, and asked her if she could spare any advice to incoming brides! She said,

“Try to incorporate and honor family/loved ones if possible, even just in small ways. There’s no need to let your mom or mother-in-law make all the big decisions for you, but if your “something borrowed” can be a strand of family pearls or your “something old” could be as simple as carrying your grandmother’s handkerchief, these are small gestures that won’t be forgotten and will make the day that much more special.” – Rachel Flynn, Marketing Director of Betz Jewelers

We LOVE this Pearl from Rachel because we agree that it’s so important to bring a piece of your family with you on your big day! While this is the start of a new chapter in your life, you should definitely include parts of previous chapters to make your wedding even more special.

Photos from Beta Jeweler’s Instagram

If you want to see some of the options Betz Jewelers has, go scroll through their Instagram feed and prepare to be conflicted when it comes to choosing the perfect option! They are all so good, you may not be able to choose! No matter how big or small the budget, how extravagant or simple you want to go, or how soon you want to purchase an item, Betz can help you out! Be sure to check out their website to see all their services in full.

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