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Pearls of Wisdom: Amanda Musselman Photography

Another Saturday, another Pearls of Wisdom shout out!

Twice a week, we will be introducing some of our favorite pro’s from the wedding industry and sharing their own piece of personal advice, or pearl of wisdom, for fellow brides. Their advice will either be directly regarding a bride’s big day or a tip that is helpful that they have learned along the way!

When it comes to wedding planning and picking your vendors, photographers are a top priority on most brides’ lists!

One of Delight’s favorite photographers to work with is our friend Amanda Musselman, who runs her own photography business, Amanda Musselman Photography.

When it came time to ask a few of our favorite vendor friends for their Pearls of Wisdom, we knew we had to ask Amanda!

Amanda is based out of Mid-Missouri and specializes in portraits and weddings! Her style is very clean and simple. Basically, if you could bottle sunshine and put in it a photograph, that’s what Amanda’s work resembles. She is known for telling stories with her images and strives to capture intimate moments! I mean, candids are the best type of photo, in my opinion 🥰

A great quality about Amanda and her business is that she believes that every client she works with becomes a friend. This is such a GREAT standard to set for yourself with working with clients. I love this mindset and really strive to apply that in my own business! Why work with someone you don’t jive with? Ya know?

Amanda’s Pearl of Wisdom for current and future brides is,

“Your photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding day, and for a good reason. Invest in an experienced photographer who will deliver consistent, high quality images that you LOVE to look at. You’ve spent so much time planning every detail of your day, make sure you have images that capture them beautifully and that you’ll want to share over and over again!” – Amanda Musselman

I couldn’t agree more with this!

Your wedding day is a big deal and you should be able to look back on pictures and be transported back to your big day seamlessly. A great photographer is the key to this.

Finding someone who reflects your personal style and is reliable to catch a pic of all those sweet moments won’t be a disappointment! I promise!

To see some of Amanda’s flawless photography, be sure to check out her Instagram and if you’re interested in booking Amanda (we HIGHLY recommend), check out her website for inquiries and her personal blog!

Amanda and her family; found on her Instagram

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