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Pearls of Wisdom: Courtney of Pretty Little Things Vintage Rentals

It’s our favorite day of the week and that means it’s time to highlight one of our vendor FAV’s for brides to discover and hear their advice!

If you haven’t been following our Pearls of Wisdom series, let us introduce you! Twice a week, we showcase on our social media and blog, some of our favorite vendor friends. We talk about who they are, what they do, and how you can get in contact with them. They also graciously shared their own personal advice for brides regarding the wedding industry and how to better plan your big day!

Image from PLT Instagram

What comes to mind when you think of a wedding? It’s so common to think that weddings have to be full of clean and soft colors or come from a traditional esthetic. While this style is classic and beautiful, I love when weddings have some SPUNK to them, you know?

One of our dear friends, Courtney Canine from Pretty Little Things Vintage Rentals knows all about spunk!

With a multitude of fabulous vintage pieces, PLT can transform a normal wedding into a wedding that is completely unique to your own personal vibe as a couple.

Do you want a beautiful sitting area for guests with a green velvet sofa? PLT has it! Would you rather have a rug aisle for your ceremony? PLT can do that! What about a beautiful and intricate table with hundreds of apothecary bottles filled with flowers?! Yeah… she does that too!

No matter your style, Courtney will deliver with some really cool and interesting pieces.

Courtney’s business started out as a side hustle in her garage 10 years ago and now she runs PLT full time. How awesome is that? Courtney supplies couples with their dream wedding décor and blesses so many weddings with her treasure hunting talents!

When we asked Courtney for her Pearl of Wisdom for brides, she said,

“Rent, instead of buy for your wedding! Don’t waste your time or your budget on items that can be rented. First, imagine how much time you’ll spend sourcing these items and what you’ll do with the items afterwards. And sometimes, if you feel the item is just cheaper to buy, there’s probably a quality issue involved… cheaper doesn’t always mean better!Vintage is not an exclusive style. Vintage pretties can be mixed and matched with many different styles (whether new or old) to create countless different looks. Just because it’s old and unique doesn’t mean it limits you to only one look or vibe! Vintages adds a touch of curiosity and charm that compliments regular rentals at your wedding. Think of them as the final layer of pretty details!” – Courtney of Pretty Little Things Vintage Rentals

Images from PLT Instagram

So, let me encourage you to ditch the overdone, easily replicated wedding décor and add some creativity to your big day! If you do, be sure to check out Courtney over at Pretty Little Things and she’ll be sure to hook you up with something that makes your big day even more spectacular!

To see some of her previous vintage stylings, scroll through her beautiful Instagram feed. And to see her full list of inventory for weddings, her website is where it’s at! Or, schedule a time to tour her amazing warehouse located in Boonville, MO!

Image from PLT Instagram

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