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Pearls of Wisdom: Elly Bethune from Buchroeder’s Jewelers

We are back on this delightful Saturday for another “Pearls of Wisdom: For Brides From Wedding Industry Favorites”!

Twice a week, we will be introducing some of our favorite pro’s from the wedding industry and sharing their own piece of personal advice, or pearl of wisdom, for fellow brides. Their advice will either be directly regarding a bride’s big day or a tip that is helpful that they have learned along the way!

If you have ever stepped foot in downtown Columbia, I guarantee you’ve run into my friend Elly Bethune at some point either at her former store, Elly’s Couture, or when popping in to Buchroeder’s Jewelers “just to browse”… (hint, that’s how I convince my husband to get me things.. but this pearl of wisdom isn’t mine to give today… haha.)

I have been trusting Elly for YEARS to guide me in the right direction with fashion and she’s never steered me the wrong way. The girl has a GIFT! AND she’s just so fun to chat with and get to know.

As the Diamond Banc Boutique Director and Senior Sales Associate at Buchroeder’s, Elly has the privilege of helping soon-to-be brides and grooms pick out the PERFECT engagement ring and wedding bands that help tell their unique love story.

When I asked Elly to give me a “Pearl of Wisdom” for brides to be, she said,

Have a healthy budget for the things that last forever ♾ from your wedding: pictures, videos, wedding bands. The flowers are gorgeous, the venue is important, as are food and beverages, however, they don’t last and the day goes by so fast. I look back all the time at my pictures from my wedding day, and of course, my wedding bands everyday, in remembrance of the commitment I made to my husband. -Elly Bethune

SUCH GREAT ADVICE and spot on!!!

Whether you’re looking for the engagement ring of your dreams, wedding bands for you and your soon to be hubby, a statement piece of jewelry for your big day, OR a designer bag to pack your honeymoon essentials in… give Elly a shout!

To get to know Elly a bit more and check out everything she is doing at Buchroeder’s, go show her some love on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks Elly for your Pearl and sharing great advice with brides-to-be!

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