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Pearls of Wisdom: Jaclyn Caldwell of Cordially Invited Designs by Jaclyn

Another Saturday, another Pearls of Wisdom shout out!

Twice a week, we will be introducing some of our favorite pros from the wedding industry and sharing their own piece of personal advice, or pearl of wisdom, for fellow brides. Their advice will either be directly regarding a bride’s big day or a tip that is helpful that they have learned along the way!

One of the earliest steps of a wedding is letting people know that you’re getting married. How do you do that? Save the Dates! Invitations! These stationary pieces get the word out that your big day is coming, and they are invited. One of our favorite stationary businesses in Mid Missouri is Cordially Invited Designs by Jaclyn, owned by Jaclyn Caldwell. 

Jaclyn started her business in 2011 because she believes first impressions are everything! Her business provides a professional, everlasting impression that brides are looking for when it comes to sharing the big news. She works with every client individually to create a customized package that is tailored to every couple’s specific budget! Due to her background in Interior Design, passion for the arts, and desire to capture the personality of her clients, Jaclyn is a killer when it comes to stationary! 

Aside from being an awesome business owner, Jaclyn is also a wife and mom to 4 beautiful little girls. Her youngest being only 2 months old! While still prioritizing her home life, she still creates beautiful designs on the daily for her business baby on Etsy! 

Image from Jaclyn’s personal Instagram

Jaclyn’s Pearl of Wisdom for current and future brides is,

“It’s inevitable, the moment you order your invites, you think of 5 more people to invite or an invite gets lost in the mail, or they get returned for having the wrong address. It’s Murphy’s law, if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. I always suggest ordering 10-20 more invitations than you think you need and about 25 extra envelopes, just for the “just in case something goes wrong” moments.” – Jaclyn Caldwell

It’s so important to be fully prepared for your wedding (I can say this, as a wedding planner LOL) and the stationary is the first step. Always have a backup plan and give yourself a little wiggle room, just in case an accident does happen (and trust me, they DO happen). 

To see some of Jaclyn’s designs, be sure to check out her Instagram and if you’re interested in booking Jaclyn as your stationary vendor (we HIGHLY recommend), check out her Etsy for inquiries!

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