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Pearls of Wisdom: Katie from Vibe Visuals

“Pearls of Wisdom: For Brides From Wedding Industry Favorites” is Delight Events newest obsession! Twice a week, we will be introducing some of our wedding industry FAVS and sharing their own piece of personal advice, or pearl of wisdom, for fellow brides. Their advice will either be directly regarding a bride’s big day or a tip that is helpful that they have learned along the way!

So let’s get started, shall we?!

To work in the wedding industry, you simply have to love.. LOVE! One of Delight’s favorite vendors who shares our same passion for love is videographer, Katie from Vibe Visuals.

When booking your vendors for a wedding, a videographer is just as important as a photographer. I mean, how magical is it to rewatch over and over again one of the most special days of your life on video? As Katie says,

“You should be able to relive the atmosphere & spirit of your event for years beyond.” – Katie from Vibe Visuals

Vibe Visuals is run by Katie and is based in Missouri. She specializes in wedding and event videography but says that she strives to portray everyone’s own individual “vibe” through her craft.

Katie believes that film is the best way to achieve that unique vibe perfectly because with video, you can hear voices and see emotions. There is nothing more beautiful than being able to watch a few-minute video of your wedding day and be transported back to such a wonderful day.

Vibe Visuals is storytelling at its best!

When we launched our “Pearls of Wisdom” campaign and reached out to Katie on her own personal take, she came up with a pearl that is almost as beautiful as her videography! Katie wanted to share,

“This is your true story. It is beautiful from any angle. I believe that there is an inherent appeal and magic in true stories, whether they be enchanting all the way through, or stricken with obstacle. Unshakable words that are uttered with sincerity are what creates your foundation. Your wedding deserves this sacred and authentic expression, and so does the covenant you are about to make.” – Katie from Vibe Visuals

To get to know Katie a bit more and check out all her work, go show her some love on Instagram or Youtube!

We are so happy to work with vendors who are now our friends and are willing to share such great perspectives on their take in this beautiful industry!

Check out some of our favorite videos by Vibe Visuals!

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