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To Video or Not To Video…

That is the question I get often from brides who are debating building it into their budget…

And I TOTALLY get it. A video of your big day can definitely seem like an add on that isn’t necessary. OR on the contrary, it is one of the very first things that couples want to book!

In my opinion, booking a videographer allows you the opportunity to look back on a whirlwind of a day beyond the still photographs.

You actually get to see, up close, the tear in your grooms eye when his bride walked down the aisle… A mother’s reaction to seeing her baby boy all spiffed up in a tuxedo… The look you gave each other when you realized “Oh my gosh… we’re really doing this!” 😂

What’s even more amazing? You’ll be able to relive those memories forever and show your kids (and even your grandkids) one day!

To me, that’s EVERYTHING!

Selfishly, as a planner, I love to look back on the precious couples I’ve served and see how great their day was and remember how much they enjoyed it!

It was a non-negotiable for us on our wedding day. We had a small ceremony with only 40 or so people, so we included our guests in the memory by having our videographer produce a same day edit for us to watch at the reception!

Video by WeddingMotion Films (no longer in business)

If you’re debating on having a videographer there to capture one of the biggest days of your life, I would strongly suggest you look into it. There are so many awesome creatives out there with different price points to fit your budget.

Don’t know where to begin? We can help. Contact us today to start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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