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Why I Was Surprised at My OWN Wedding (And Maybe You Should Too)…

I’ll never forget going to meet with my wedding planner for the first time, who I had also gone to meet to find the dress of my dreams…

I was in the changing room shimmying into my very first dress of the day (which also happened to be THE ONE… but that’s a story for another day) and he said very matter of fact, “Your wedding day is going to be a total surprise.”

No question mark there! He had decided it was going to be a total surprise to my fiance and I. All we would have to do that New Years Eve was show up, smile, and drink champagne.


And that’s precisely what we did… I shared a few things we were really looking forward to and he took those details and ran with them to create a beautiful day.

When I tell people that Scott and I walked into our wedding day and it was all a total surprise, they look at me like my head fell off. Most people can’t fathom giving up their vision for what they want their big day to be like…

You can do that when you have a GREAT planner who is fully capable of handling all the details, large and small, and who you trust to keep your unique story in mind when making design decisions.

Most wedding & event planners today can easily pick up a phone and call a vendor to place an order for you that you’ve painstakingly picked out and spent hours researching…

A GREAT Wedding & Event Planner will come to you with options within your budget, fulfill your vision, and tell your love story to create a gorgeous outcome… Saving you time and stress.

For the ultimate stress-free and once-in-a-lifetime experience, allow our team’s knowledge and expertise to take your wishes and seamlessly perform wedding magic.

Enjoy the experience and leave the countless hours of organizing every important detail to us. Our team will produce a masterpiece everyone will rave about for decades.

Why work with “good” when you can be delighted with GREAT?!

Photography: Ashley Turner Photography Dress and Wedding Coordination: Nolte’s Bridal – Michael Nolte – KC

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